Staff can have high motivation and opportunities to directly account for their tip income. Payment process is taking place through a licensed payment partner. Our product is GDPR compliant.
iTips Introduction
iTips is a digital tipping service solution, allowing service industry employees receive digital tips at no cost for business. Simulataneosly, management team can manage tips using a single management system without operating costs.
With the iTips Digital tipping solution, you can increase the income of your employees without additional costs: easily, quickly and safely.
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The business owner's office has a large functionality of business intelligence tools: you can make establishments, add employees to different establishments, and create QR codes for different types of activities. You can also track statistics, reviews and other activities of your business in real time.
Each employee can independently register and independently manage their account: keep records and transfer money to their credit card at any time.
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The tipping process is made native, so tipping is quick and easy for the donator, and completely safe, making tipping simple and enjoyable. Also we make your offline clients to online: in the sense after the donator has sent a tip, we natively offer to go to the account to create a new order or the most convenient payment methods (Google Cards, ApplePay and etc) which offers opportunities for upselling’s tools and services.
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