Best spots for Wellness to locate QR code

The pandemic, with its strict healthcare requirements, is almost over; speaking of positive effects, though, the focus remains on taking care of oneself, especially when it comes to summer or Sunday vacations.
Wellness is a top priority 2022 — unimaginable without generous tips
Self-care is really important for leisure travelers, according to Google search results. How that unfolds on vacation looks different for everyone. With some people choosing to go on yoga retreats and others checking into wellness resorts, hotels are responding to the demand with more spa and wellness offerings or relaxing in-room sleep amenities. Guests at some hotels, for example, sip organic nighttime tea and snooze on Bryte Restorative Beds, while other hoteliers roll out exclusive partnerships with luxury hiking retreats.
People with busy workweeks and business trip schedules are booking more and more spa treatments, massages, and thermae to restore their life/work balance.
Wellness services customers appreciate the care and tend to leave good reviews and tips, but in a manner that doesn’t distract them from the flow and long-awaited relaxation. Providers of such services (salons, thermae, fitness studios, nature walks, yoga classes, etc.) should always have a simple and modern tool at hand, to make sure a person after treatment does not need to make more effort than necessary to scan a QR code to tip the staff.
1. Garment or Badge
2. Table tent near hairdresser mirror
3. Nail service table
4. Reception Desk
5. Emails or Text messages
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