Which industry relies most on the customers’ gratuity?
Actually, it’s pretty much all of them. The traditional “tipping sectors” are hotels, restaurants, and courier delivery services. However, tips are just as important in other sectors—and they tend to greatly influence the results!

With iTips, customers are able to tip in retail (sales floor and cashier desk personnel), on a trip (attendants, airport employees), during online events (speakers), or while watching performances and presentations by artists or authors, both online and live. Add a number of situations in everyday life where you’d like to thank someone for their help at a doctor’s, or for a quality job on your home. Being able to say thank you with a little tip is always important, and iTips is the best way of doing so.
Takeout and Delivery
Have you been ordering takeout and delivery more often than before the pandemic? You are not alone. In the last few years, the number of deliveries of all sorts of things has spiked across the globe. People are ordering everything from restaurant food, supermarket products and dog food to clothes and even pharmaceuticals (in some countries).
This has led to a logical question – who do we tip and how much? As before, gratuity is optional and is fully up to the customer. In general, customers are happy to show their appreciation to the people who deliver important items to their door. For example, delivery drivers get up to 20-30% of the order cost, which is higher than the pre-Covid level. It’s no wonder that we feel grateful when the postman brings our mail orders to our doors – things that help us feel good, calm down, and stay positive, be it books, new clothes, jewelry, drawing supplies, or even colorful artificial hair strands. So yes, you can tip your postman! And remember, there’s no need to wait till Christmas to extend your generosity to the guy or gal that brings your mail. And it would be so much easier and more enjoyable if you both had the digital tip service iTips.

How do we tip at an airport? Is it appropriate? If so, how much? What if I don’t have any cash on me? When all airport staff get an individual QR code for digital tips, all of the above questions will become much less confusing. Right now, you have to ask yourself – is this person an employee of the airport or of the airline? The latter are not allowed to accept tips, while the former earn a very modest hourly wage, and their income often depends on our generosity. Obviously, you tip when you feel especially supported or taken care of, and not because it is expected of you. However, a sincere effort to take good care of you often evokes an equally earnest desire on your part to show your gratitude. For example, those airport employees who help people in wheelchairs are tipped quite often. There is no fixed amount – usually it’s somewhere around $5. We have heard of $20 and even $50 tips, which is a large amount for a person with a modest job, but a big heart.

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