Cashless society - a myth or our future?
It’s getting cashless all the time—tipping habits included! “We believe that the move away from cash will remain a prevailing trend and that digital payments will become the default method for a growing number of consumers in the years ahead.“ says the BCG survey Global Payments 2021 – All in for Growth. “The pandemic revealed the payments industry’s ability to respond to change. Now is the time to build on this capability. The race for advantage starts now.” Convenience and ease are key. Also, the impact is not exclusive to the consumer experience: making sure you and your employees have an easier way to distribute and receive payments, you achieve greater efficiency and save costs. Employees have a consistent, contactless way of receiving their tips. Employers save time and processing fees while also minimising cash-related risks. And guests need no change in their pockets to feel good about themselves—safe and secure, even in the COVID era.
Download iTips study on the need of cashless tipping.

We’re living on a tipping edge, and the digital tips are a real kick in COVID’s proverbial pants. The service industries did take a hit, but they’re already back up, fighting for their customers and the variable share of income. So who is in the pool? Everyone from Starbucks to Twitter, as well as every hotel, beauty parlor, and fitness club: all of these businesses offer their clients an opportunity to show their gratitude in monetary form—contactless, cashless, COVID-less.
​​Cloud providers see "aggressive" growth amidst Covid-19 pandemic, say the findings from Synergy Research Group. Companies that aren’t able to quickly adapt will either fall behind or still have to invest in the infrastructure while their competitors surge ahead.

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