Attracting and retaining top talent for the HoReCa industry is now easy and at no cost for business.
Download our independent study on the customer profile most likely to tip digitally.
iTips makes it easy for the guests to give cashless gratitude to the staff and service employees, helping boost their gratitude income by up to 5 times.
We have designed the ideal digital tipping process: now it takes seconds to give a tip safely, securely and contact-free.

Engage your guests at multiple touchpoints. Encourage digital tipping throughout the guest journey via QR codes placed around the property to increase tipping frequency; and/or text message, email, links integrated into your PMS. (Easy API integration)
Staff can receive digital tips from guests individually or using team accounts. The system allows guests to give digital tips to multiple individuals at once – all from customers’ mobile devices.
All the tips received are distributed directly into an employee account, ready to be withdrawn immediately.
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, no app needed. Staff training takes less than 10 minutes.
Guests can give tips using Apple Pay/ Google Pay or their credit or debit cards.
Great stats & guest reviews available to business owners.
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