Post pandemic tipping etiquette
Is 25% the new 20%? How much to tip in a post-pandemic world? Some think that the old rules of etiquette have changed and will never be the same again. The pandemic has clearly demonstrated how vulnerable some businesses are — restaurants, beauty salons, taxis, virtually the whole service industry — and how much they contribute to our sense of stability and well-being. Many restaurant workers have had to deal with aggressive and hostile behavior from their guests when asked to follow Covid safety rules. This, combined with a general recession in the HOREC sector, made the situation truly difficult. However, an opposite trend is restoring our faith in humanity: many tipping customers have started to leave bigger tips. This explains the growth from 20% to 25% of the check. Also, many people are starting to tip in situations where they didn’t use to — for a takeout coffee or ice-cream, for a hamburger and fries handed to them from a drive-through window, etc. In addition, new situations where you want to show gratitude have appeared. We have started watching fitness enthusiasts online who often post their workout sessions for free and leave gratuity to the discretion of the users.

A lot of people use concierge healthcare services and tip the nurses who visit them or their loved ones. Many of us attend virtual events and need tools to help show our gratitude. Many of us work online with therapists and tutors who are changing our lives for the better. Flexible, adaptable, durable, implacable — these words now describe all of us, the survivors, the veterans of the pandemic. It is no surprise then that similarly flexible, adaptable and user-friendly solutions such as iTips needed to come along. Your digital gratitude, shown with a click of a button.
Consider these tips as extra appreciation for exceptional services and/or extra money for the activities that are not included in the cost of the cruise.

The average per diem gratuity rate on a cruise is around $13 per person. This may increase or decrease depending on your cabin, package deals, and a few other details. Therefore, the following suggestions for cruise gratuities and ship tipping are based on ‘gratuities included’ in the price of your trip.
Do not offer a gratuity to a ship’s officer. This is a breach of etiquette.

Do tip

Port personnel ($1 to $2 per bag)

On-shore tour personnel ($5/person for guides and $2/person for the driver for one-day trips.)
Casino dealers (a percentage of your winnings)

Food and drink personnel (for a ‘gratuities included’ cruise, their tips are generally paid from the cost of your package; $10 to $20 tip at the end of the cruise to your favorite wait staff or bartender)

Stewards and butlers ($10 to $20 on the first day of the cruise. Then, if they have met your expectations, tip them another $2 to $3 per person per day on the last day)
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