QR code spots for delivery

Food and groceries delivery is a major industry nowadays. A couple of decades ago meal delivery was mostly limited to party of speciality foods while grocery delivery was a bespoke service. Now, however, more and more people prefer to have the restaurant quality foods at their homes, or order products online to be delivered to their doorsteps. Good delivery alone is a market worth more than $150 billion now, triple of what it was just 5 years ago, growing twice as fast as the restaurant business (Mckinsey & Company report, 2022).
Minimizing the courier turnover and keeping up their compensation even just to compensate for the inflation, however, still might be a challenge.
iTips can boost the total employee compensation by giving a convinient opportunity for the customers to leave the tip for the courier. And in a highly competitive market such as courier services, a company offering its’ employees an extra channel of income through tipping, has higher potential in retaining it’s delivery force. At the same time, tipping should incentivize the couriers and drivers to do an extra step in providing customers with the great service, and the comments and ratings coming through iTips should give the managers a good view of the performance of individual couriers and drivers.
1. Garment or Badge
2. Stickers on the box/bag
3. Flyers or business cards
4. QR on the invoice
5. Delivery car
6. Emails or Text/PUSH messages
7. Integration with our platform through API
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