Why do we switch to digital tips?
The digital option benefits everyone—business owners, customers, and employees,—however, the employees are the ones with the most immediate gains. Let’s review the five advantages the digital tips offer the service staff.
Patrons no longer need to search their pockets for change. Most are already paying with a card, but it was not as easy for them to throw in a tip. It is now! All they have to do is scan the QR code with their phone camera. No more tips lost due to lack of cash or inconvenient payment systems!
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Your tips are safe
A jar of digital tips will never get broken or lost. Less trips to the bank, less cash in the register or in your pocket, more peace of mind — especially if your tips land in your account on the same day.
You receive your gratuity in a dignified way
Digital tips balance the relationship between the patron and the person serving them. In the modern world, everybody understands that good service is rendered by skilled professionals, and not by “help.” Digital tips are an elegant, modern way of acknowledging your professionalism.
Your talents won’t go unnoticed
You don’t only get tips, but also positive reviews, and your rating grows: this is your recognition as a professional.
All of the money is yours
The tip lands in your e-wallet directly, and you can directly transfer it to your account or any payment system. Easy to access or save, and there are no fees to pay.

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